Some few click of the history of Mini titan E360 with me !


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2016-03-28 06:46:51

The video says it all from box to the air !!

Equipment:Sony Camera

Location:30° 22'31.2" N 69° 20'42.4" E


Chuza2016-04-24 14:42:19

Thanks to every one for the support,Just keep sharing till 28th

gamer242016-04-24 14:34:12

Nice !!

Chuza2016-04-16 16:55:45

Thnx Waleed ^_^

waleed2016-04-15 11:05:02

wooooow adil

Chuza2016-04-13 04:43:57

Well Mr Anymal i will perhaps try to attach a water gun to it :P

brothers2016-04-13 03:53:17

Nice idea Mr Anymal

Anymal2016-04-12 12:11:59

May be u can attach a gun to it !!! :P

Chuza2016-04-11 14:50:42

Overall its a great heli in stability ,skills ,and design as well (Y)

Chuza2016-04-11 14:49:50

Well Matto its a great heli to fly , the thing which only bugs me is the GT5.2 gyro is hard to set ,but if u have any experience Heli pilots in your club , they sure can help u

Chuza2016-04-11 14:48:09

It have 350 mm carbon fiber blades wit it in the box !!!

Matto2016-04-11 14:46:05

Whats your opinion about this heli ??? it is a good heli to start with ???

ntrdvr2016-04-11 14:37:11

Bro which blades r in the kit ???

Chuza2016-04-11 09:10:36

All the things expect Transmitter and battery are include in the box , It's a great heli right out off the box !!!

Mansoor2016-04-11 09:09:13

What comes in the box ???

Chuza2016-04-05 12:12:57

The song is COMING HOME by Skylar gray !!

diilltrwe2016-03-29 07:17:38