RC Speed Week #13 S.E. - Bushmaster 20T Pinion & XT150 Connectors


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2016-08-11 06:33:54

Published on Aug 11, 2016RC Speed Week #13 S.E. - Bushmaster 20T Pinion & XT150 ConnectorsYou might be thinking that you've seen this video before, but in this video I speed test the Bushmaster just as I did earlier, except I'm now using XT150 connectors and I've shortened my wires from the ESC to the motor and from the ESC to the battery. The results speak for themselves and my point about using better connectors to improve overall performance has now been proven. Not only has my top speed been improved significantly by minimising resistance in my power system, but I also get better run times, better throttle response and cooler temps from all my electrics. Quite simply a faster and more efficient RC with very minimal investment and work.Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed the video. :)